Local Minister Spends Day Respectably

Thursday started like any other day for Reverend Jones and remained that way throughout.

After spending the first hour of the day in his customary fashion—Bible in one hand, newspaper in the other, and a cup of coffee on the table—the local pastor drove over to the church where he spent a few quiet moments praying for his congregants and his neighborhood.

In the later hours of the morning, Rev. Jones returned voicemails and emails. One member of his church had an important theological question, which Jones answered thoughtfully and humbly, encouraging the young man to continue to dig into the subject himself. When a woman called about a serious personal issue, Jones responded with sincere empathy, heartfelt prayer, and helpful referrals, connecting her with the proper support systems while affirming her dignity and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Jones joined a few other ministers for lunch at a nearby diner, where they treated the staff with courtesy and tipped well.

Returning to the church, Rev. Jones dropped in on a game of kickball in the gym where local school kids are cared for after school. He pitched for one inning and even kicked a home run, much to the children’s delight. As usual, nothing strange or inappropriate happened.

Jones spent the remainder of the afternoon working on Sunday’s sermon. Before leaving for the day, the pastor double-checked the church’s finances, being sure to not embezzle any money, grant himself an exorbitant salary, or spend money on needlessly luxurious items for the church.  

The final hours of Rev. Jones’ day are not as well documented. Rumors have circulated that the minister served and ate dinner at a local soup kitchen; however, these reports are unconfirmed, since the pastor draws no attention to himself when spending time among the less fortunate.

It has been confirmed, though, that Jones had no scandalous interactions with drug dealers, prostitutes, mistresses, or corrupt politicians at any point throughout the evening. 


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